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Guided Wealth Portfolio

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What is Guided Wealth Portfolios?

Guided Wealth Portfolios use the intelligence of an online portfolio manager combined with personal assistance and support from of an advisor from Atkinson Wealth Strategies.

It is designed for people under the age of 60 with accounts sizes in the range $5,000-$100,000 before we start the transfer to our professional asset management.

While other digital investing solutions, or robo advisors, offer online investment management, most don’t include a direct personal relationship with a dedicated financial advisor. With GWP, we'll be your personal advisor team, dedicated to you and your goals, helping to guide you through the investing process.

Atkinson Wealth Strategies Guided Wealth Portfolios Offer:

Intelligent Investing

Guided Wealth Portfolios offers investment management designed to protect your portfolio against volatility and help you pursue your financial objectives. By investing with us, you receive:

Personalized roadmap – Based on your goals, investing time horizon, and risk preferences, you’ll receive an investment allocation and roadmap designed to help you pursue your objectives. As you get closer to retirement, your allocations will gradually change.

Holistic advice – By considering your retirement objectives and investments, our analysis allows you to work toward your investment goals.

Tax-efficient investing – Through advanced asset analysis, we’ll allocate your assets in a tax-efficient manner, and evaluate the tax impact of each trade before it goes through.

Consistent monitoring – Your portfolio is monitored daily, keeping it on track as markets move, and rebalancing it as needed.

Tax-loss harvesting – If an investment experiences a loss, we may sell it to offset taxable gains in your portfolio. The investments sold are replaced by similar investments to maintain your asset allocation, so you get tax benefits while keeping a properly diversified portfolio.

Financial advice – We’re available if you have a question about your account or investing strategy.

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